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Compassion in Action

Compassion in          action

A time for change?


If everything comes from, and is made of consciousness, then clearly, consciousness is the key to resolving the challenges we face today on this Planet.

Only by raising our personal and collective consciousness, can we bring about the much-needed changes.

Are you ready to embrace these changes and make a difference?

Experiencing Your Authentic Self

Experiencing Your Authentic Self 

Who you really are at the deepest level

The Experiencing Your Authentic Self retreats have morphed from our very popular Heart Mastery Series, with added modalities designed to give you a direct experience of  your Authentic Self

Life Coaching

Most of our traumas stem from our decisions, conditioning and false beliefs about ourselves, which keep regurgitating into our present life. We find ourselves playing the same old loop time and time again in relationships, work and play.

When we arrive at “Need of Change”, then it is time to seek help.


Rick embodies everything that is good in the world.  

He is open, grounded, aware, present, compassionate, kind and understanding whilst remaining true to himself.  

During my first ever coaching session with Rick I witnessed his innate ability to tap in to what I was experiencing on both a professional and personal level and without me having to explain myself, he just ‘got it’ and we moved forward with processes and techniques that have had a profound effect on all levels of my being.  

I have worked in the healing and retreat industry all over the world and have been exposed to many facilitators and practitioners and never met anyone quite like Rick.  He provides loving care and practical solutions to any problem or issue I place in front of him.  


He offers up his wisdom and advice in a way that makes complete sense and is empowering to the individual at the same time.

I have left my sessions with Rick feeling lighter, inspired and motivated.  He is one in a million and leaves footprints on the hearts of all those that cross his path, I cannot recommend his work highly enough.

                       Kate Reardon – Natural Instincts healing - Bali


Cause No Harm is a concept and philosophy that can be adopted by individuals, families, educational institutions, SMEs and large multi-national organisations, to reflect their personal integrity along with business ethics and strategy. Everything that is to be done will have as the first consideration, the idea that it must Cause No Harm.
No harm to ourselves as individuals, other people, our equipment whether owned or leased, materials, others assets, the environment in which we work, the planet as a whole and future generations who will inherit the legacies we leave behind.
Cause No Harm forms the foundation through which humanity can bring about an end to the separateness that is the root cause of us harming each other and the environment, to build a sustainable world steeped in harmony, understanding, caring and mutual growth. It takes our thinking away from short term gains to sustainable, ethical ideas, integrity and actions that benefit everyone. In short it moves us away from egocentricity to global-centricity, where we consider the impact of our actions broadly and take full responsibility for the outcomes.
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