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Rick & Lita

what we value most

Best Friends

Make friends with yourself at the deepest level.

We have all heard the old adage, “Before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself”.


When we wall off and close our heart for fear of getting hurt again, we cannot share love or receive love back. This can cause us great unhappiness.


Our retreats reconnect you with your authentic sacred heart space from where you can lead your life.


We care deeply about the current human condition and recognise that the only way forward is for us all, to become more conscious, enabling us to then make more conscious, responsible choices that result in the betterment of all humanity, all species and the one planet we call home, Mother Earth.

We also recognise that the changes we wish to bring about, must start with us as individuals.


With this in mind, we have dedicated our lives to providing services, which bring about the awakening of the human family, one precious soul at a time

Heaven in Bali

             About Rick


What is important to me?


I devote my life to serving

others in pursuit of my passion, Life Purpose and vision for a better world.


Meaning is important to me. I have a strong set of moral standards, which are important in how I treat others and how I wish to be treated.


My values exhibited:


I am passionate about and hold as my most senior priorities, the creation of positive changes and a world that holds promise for the future.


I am true to my principles and myself and build confidence with others by living my life accordingly.


Experience has provided me with insight, understanding and wisdom, enabling me to support and guide others.


I am protective and considerate of others.


I demonstrate dedication and commitment in all that I do.


I seek opportunities to constantly develop and learn from my experiences.


I see possibilities where others may not and I have an understanding of the steps needed to get there.


My capabilities, potential and living a heart-centred life are most important to me


I demonstrably care for the greater good of all – that is: the welfare and wellbeing of future generations, the sanctity of Earth and making a difference today.

                                                                          About Lita


Lita's life's journey

started in the mountains of



She comes from the hospitality industry and has traveled extensively, knowing exactly what is needed to make a retreat stay comfortable and memorable.

Her days are spend doting over our retreat participants, supervising our nine staff, organising supplies, accommodation bookings, raising our twin girls, managing our spiritual shop Namaste, in nearby Ubud and laughing.


Yes, be warned, Lita's laughter is highly infectious.

With one retreat every month over the past ten years, she has refined the process down to a fine art.

She caters for all food choices, vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike and "anything is possible" is our motto.

Lita values Respect, Caring, Trust, Family, Balance, Humour, Financial Stability and a Positive Attitude. 

Namaste -The Spiritual Shop
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