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Life, Spiritual & Business Coaching


Life can be challenging at times, can’t it?

There we are, going about our daily life and then someone or something appears and knocks us off our perch. It could be emotional turmoil we find ourselves in. It could be an element of mental anguish or an uncomfortable scenario from the past that has raised its head for handling, healing and releasing.

Whatever it is, if we knew what it was, and could view the truth of it in its entirety, it would not bother us.

It would be something accessible and in the conscious, analytical mind. But the source of our woes lie in the hidden, “charged” areas from our past, not easily accessed and resolved.

That is where a good Life or Spiritual Coach can help.


We guide you to and through those troublesome areas and help you relieve the hidden charge, we help you unravel the confusion, to pave the way to a compelling future filled with hope, creativity and potential.

I am delighted to provide a testimonial for Rick Pursell.


Rick is a dear friend and mentor, and has recently provided coaching support for me.


I am also a coach and have been very fortunate to have been supported over the past 12 years by some wonderful coaches and guides in Australia , India and the United States.

Rick is a wonderful and unique coach. He combines his long and diverse life and coaching experience with his beautiful, sensitive and highly intuitive heart. He provides a safe place to let go. His guidance is clear and comes with the authority of his considerable experience.

The result is life transforming, healing and development.

Being supported or coached by Rick is a privilege.

Nick Murfett
Perth, Western Australia

Sessions by appointment only please

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