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Experiencing Your Authentic Self Retreats

It’s all about YOU - It is about your specific situations in life, your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs, your level of Behavioural Wisdom and helping make sense of it all.   

This is our foundation course.  All roads start and end with you and this is the course that started it all for us back in 2006.  It evolves and morphs each time we run it, but it always delivers on the promise to let you experience a more conscious version of you and your potential within.  You will walk away with not just clarity like you have never experience before, but also with a clear plan, next steps and more.


The entire week is very interactive, a fusion of Knowledge and Practical Experience, which gives you the Wisdom to lead your life to wherever you choose. 


Uncover who you really are at the deepest level

6 Nights / 5 Days of life-changing experiences

Inclusive of - all healthy, nutritious meals, award-winning accommodation, tax, service, tuition &  materials 


Single occupancy - US$1050

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Six of our EIGHT staff to pamper to your every needs

Events Calendar - 2019

Experiencing Your Authentic Self - 8TH to 14th JUNE

Experiencing Your Authentic Self - 6TH to 12th October

Experiencing Your Authentic Self - 17TH to 23rd NOVEMBER

Experiencing Your Authentic Self - 1ST to 7th DECEMBER