Moving from your head to your heart

Overview  The Experiencing Your Authentic Self retreat is a collection of modules designed to open your heart and master the art of operating and living deeply from your heart, on a moment-by-moment, day-by-day basis. 

In other words; changing from

a FEAR-based life, to a

LOVE-based life, by moving

from your head, to fully into

your heart – The Hero’s Journey.

6 Nights in award winning accommodation

Objectives – 1.0 To identify and fully define that which stands in the way of us reaching our fullest potential, to master the six heart virtues and to delve deep within, releasing that which no longer serves you from your past, to reveal a compelling future and the emergence of a new, better version of you.

Suspended until further notice

The Modules Defined:

The Ego – that which stands in the way of us reaching our fullest potential and being heart-centred. Here we explore the characteristics of the ego, what it comprises of, how it works and the choices we have to transcend it.

The Six Heart Virtues

Heart Virtue – Appreciation -This module addresses how we can come to appreciate everything that is occurring in our lives; the people we interact with, the situations, places and events. Steeped in gratitude, we see how everything and everyone is a gift to us.

Heart Virtue – Compassion – Seeing the other person (or ourselves) and their struggles while having empathy for them, are the key elements of this module.

Heart Virtue – Understanding  – Learning the anatomy of understanding and the three primary aspects that lead to understanding ourselves and others, along with physical equipment that we may be learning to use.

Heart Virtue – Forgiveness – One of the major routes into the heart is through the path of forgiveness and it is into this module we dig deep

Heart Virtue – Humility – out with bravado, egocentricity and loudness, and in with quietly and purposefully getting on with your life. Here we address the qualities of being humble and how it can lead us deeper into our hearts

Heart Virtue – Valour – Loosely defined as courageousness or bravery, in this module we seek the Warrior within. Not the warrior of aggression or war, but the spiritual warrior of the heart.

The mastering of these virtues brings us into vibrational harmony and resonance with our true nature, your Authentic Self.

 Holotropic / Shamanic Breathwork – going deeply within to bring you closer to wholeness. Here we feel and release that which is arising to be let go and healed. A very powerful and life-changing process. 

Two Massages - traditional Balinese therapeutic massage

Guided meditations into your sacred heart space

 Interventions – case by case, one-on-one, intuitively guided processes to relieve pain and suffering as they arise. Everyone gets to benefit.  

Activities – The process is a balanced combination of shared wisdom and theory, to provide a level of understanding (Knowledge), integrated with practical applications, coaching and meditations (Practical Experience). It is not an intellectual workshop, but a deeply experiential one.                                         Knowledge plus Practical Experience = Wisdom

 Adaptations – The processes are a culmination of almost 44 years of Rick’s life experiences, studies and learning from a variety of amazing teachers, workshops and retreats. Heavily influenced by the Wingmakers material, practicing the six heart virtues are a sure path to more consciousness and connection.

Recommended for those who are truly ready to get started or are progressing on their Path to spiritual freedom.

6 Nights in award winning accommodation

White Orchid Room