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Musings on a Wednesday Morning

Sometimes my optimism is overwhelmed by despair and I unashamedly weep at the condition of the human family. This soon passes, as I see beyond the surface and witness, what is termed the Human Metamorphosis in action.

Like the caterpillar attacking leaves, we as a species, have gorged ourselves on consumerism, materialism and greed, much to the detriment of the planet and ourselves. However, following its feast, the clever caterpillar then creates its new home, the chrysalis and consequently dissolves into quantum soup, knowing its demise is both assured and near.

The Butterfly though, senses in the soup-like state, its inevitable birth and revels in its opportunity to fly free and shine its beauty upon the world.

The current state of our evolution is the human metamorphosis and the collapse of that which no longer serves us - indoctrinated education, political duality, economic madness in a debt ridden world, disharmony between belief systems, pharmaceutical and food corruption, wars, separateness, greed, etc, etc.

This is the inevitable breakdown that has to happen, in order to pave the way for a more compelling future.

We are in the the soup, so as to speak!!

Already we are seeing larger elements of the human family stating "enough is enough" and if this impetus can be carried forward in a non-violent manner, there is hope.

Don't give up my friends, the world needs what you have to offer.

Optimistically yours, Rick

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