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Who Are We

We live in two, different, simultaneous realities. One is an illusion.

Our finite, illusionary reality called life, plays out as a dualistic, relative, tangible, sensual experience and much more. Day and Night, Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, Hot and Cold, ad infinitum.

The other reality, the absolute, ultimate reality, is an infinite field of unlimited, unmanifested potential, sometimes referred to as Source, The One Mind, Brahman, The Absolute, God, All That Is and many other labels. The irony is, once we label it, it is not that, it is just potential unmanifested, so it has no label until we give it one.

We are this Field of Potential, this Source; we are All That Is, in an infinite, unmanifested state of Oneness and therefore cannot experience ourselves, until we enter the illusionary, dualistic (twoness) state, where the manifestations give us the experience of who we are. We are both Everything and Nothing, simultaneously.

Oh….. the mind says, this is too much!! How can it be everything and nothing at the same time? How can it be infinite?

Everything has a beginning and ending and now you are telling me it has neither of these? What a load of codswallop (nonsense), says the unawakened mind.

For you see, we cannot experience or fully know the Infinite that we are through logic, because we cannot make any logic out of it – “everything and nothing at the same time” – Pahhh.. Baloney!!!

Fortunately, there is an avenue through which we can get a taste of Source and that is by knowing we ARE it and feeling it through our heart and soul. Soul being a connected fragment of the Whole. When we recognise that nothing is separate, all is One and that Oneness is creating a state of Twoness in order for us (One and the same) to experience ourselves as Source, then we see through the illusion of separateness and remember who we are.

By peeling back the illusion of separateness, we see that we are all connected; we are simultaneously, the Source of both the infinite and finite. Have you felt something stirring deeply inside you lately? Have you felt a shift in perspective? Have you felt just a little more whole, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, bravery, humility and/or appreciation? Congratulations, you are one of the 7.3 billion humans on planet Earth, who are awakening.

Bon voyage!!

Go out and manifest and experience to your heart’s content, to know Who You Are.

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