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If everything we experience in life is consciousness manifested, then consciousness is the key to shaping our personal and professional lives.

Conversely, unconsciousness, unaware, unawakened, irresponsible choices, are clearly what has got us into our current human state.

It is imperative therefore, that we wake up and become more conscious and responsible with our thoughts, words and actions.

This means taking some time out of our busy lives, to contemplate, question, ponder upon, meditate, or any other form of deep inner reflection to give us access to our own innate wisdom, intuition, imagination and creative inspiration. Without this orchestrated opportunity, we can often be likened to dogs chasing their tails - a lot of busy-ness, but going nowhere!

Deep within us all, there lies a stillness, a creative impulse yearning to emerge and make itself present, in whatever form we choose. It seems to me a great pity that we should overlook or deny this infinite source of inspiration.

This consciousness could be labelled an infinite field of potential, where everything exists as potential, but has yet to be brought into existence. It is our task to dip into this field and withdraw what we choose, to bring out into this world.

Manifesting consciousness into all you do in your personal and professional life is the key.

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