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Definition: radical - adjective

1) Especially of change or action - relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough

2) Forming an inherent or fundamental part of the nature of someone or something.

Definition: Free - adjective

1) Not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes

Seeing through the illusion of duality.

Let's open this dialogue with Black Holes, a lively and debateable topic, which should be of interest to us all.

Everything in Nature strives to be in balance, coherence and harmony. Black Holes are not, in my opinion, some hellish-like contrivance, sucking in anything and everything that comes into its proximity, never to be seen again, but an energy vortex, commonly known as a torus.

The toriodal nature of these energy systems are both creative and destructive, matter and anti-matter. Examples of toroidal systems are rampant, observable and felt, at both a macro and micro levels.

The Milky Way Galaxy

The Earth's torus, entering at the north pole and exiting at the south pole

Our body's Chakra System is toroidal, both from top to bottom and horizontally in and out.

Our heart is surrounded by a toroidal energy field. We as humans, forgetting our original Sovereignty, in our ignorance and resistance, interupt this natural flow of energy, thus creating an imbalance and dis-ease, which ultimately may result in disease, mentally, emotionally and physically. We habitually resist the destructive or antimatter elements, in favour of the creative, 'good" stuff in our lives and thus become slaves to distractions, addictions, comfort, etc. My personal concept and ongoing practice of '"Radical Surrender" and "Radical Acceptance", a never-ending and challenging process I might add, permits this natural flow of energy, carrying the equally natural state of creation/destruction, birth/death, matter/anti-matter, to flow in the waxing and waning of life. For all things are connected, as expressed by the wise sages of old and the more progressive Quantum Physics of today.

The wave of the mighty ocean crashes to the shore, only to immediately recede and repeat, ad infinitum. This of course, occurs in a dualistic universe, as is the nature of this 3rd Dimension we inhabit. But we are multi-dimensional beings and thus moving, albeit mostly unconsciously, in and out of the states of duality and non-duality, Twoness into Oneness, Oneness into Twoness. A postulated solution. Perhaps with the mantra and continuous practice of "Resitance Nothing, Accept Everything", we can become more in synch with the natural heartbeat of our bodies, the Earth, The Universe and beyond? Methinks it's time to become more radical and dare I coin the New Age phrase - "Go with the flow!" Towards a more coherent, aligned, unified, whole and conscious human family.


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