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Letting Go
Are you ready to let go of the old you and become more Authentic?
Becoming more Authentic Every Day

these  brave people did

About the Heart Mastery Series


I just came back from Bali and can’t say enough about my experience at the Heart Mastery Series retreat. Firstly, the extreme warmth of Rick, Lita, their children and staff made me feel really at home, allowing for a proper unwinding and relaxation.

Just a few minutes were enough to feel a strong connection and understanding, along with a willingness to learn, continue and discover more.

My experiences during the retreat days are hard to express in words. I have been to retreats before, experienced some new-age theories and seminars, worked with shamans in the Amazon and the Andes and travelled a bit of the world in a mindful way. I did not want to attend a retreat in which a series of messages are passed on as a universal truth

Rick makes a difference and is authentic. He shares his wisdom, his learning’s and his experiences along his amazing life so far, in such a positive giving-and-receiving way that the Heart Mastery Series becomes an unfolding of oneself, rather than a discovery or an imposition of theories. It all makes sense from a global perspective, as a whole, as One, and not just focused on its bits and pieces, as I had experienced previously.

The showcasing of real, updated world experiences utterly enriches and grounds the whole experience. Strong and amazing spiritual experiences, even explained by Harvard top scientists, for any skeptical ones, as I used to be years ago, despite unknowingly embracing my intuition and guidance. All that Rick believes in and professes…compassion, understanding, appreciation, forgiveness, valor (courage & bravery) and humility…all of these are Rick himself – he is contagious.

I witnessed one of the most amazing and unexpected healing episodes in my life, led by Rick…it just came out of a question…and there he was, pouring his heart and love into the healing process.

It has truly been a life-changing experience for me. I feel I have left Bali with a lot more understanding and awareness of so much and very, very happy and serene. My recommendation is that you come with an open heart and willingness to follow, unfold, discover whatever comes. To forget labels, stereotypes and be open to what flows and to allow you to be your true self. Just be.

Silvia Rico, CEO & Founder – Enigma – Peru

I participated in the “Experiencing Your Authentic Self” retreat in Bali and WOW, it was truly an experience I will never forget!

When I first arrived, I was feeling unsure of myself, insecure and a little bit scattered.

Rick invests his time in you and most importantly his passion, to help you see your fullest potential and how you can contribute and share the best possible version of yourself with the Universe.  Rick guides you to see life more simply and heartfelt;  to live via your heart rather than your head makes for a more precious life, with depth and meaning.

I learnt how to see things differently and to change my perspective.  Living more positively incorporating the 6 great virtues of the heart.  Creating this world for yourself brings about more harmony and like-minded people.  And for those not so like-minded people who will inevitably enter our lives and when situations upset us, well, Rick gives you the tools to be able to deal with these situations in a more loving way.

This is where we also learn to understand why people behave the way they do and why things happen even if they don’t sit well with us. There are always lessons to be learnt and it has become my greatest privilege now to try and work out why something has happened.

It’s a lovely reminder that I’m now awake and it gives me the practice that the universe is telling me I need.   I have learnt to be more conscious in everything I do and it feels like I’ve woken up from a deep, deep sleep!  I also feel a lot more at peace, a greater sense of calmness and a stronger belief in myself since returning from the retreat.

Thank you Rick and Lita for opening your retreat centre, home and hearts to everyone you meet, you truly are remarkable people and I thank the universe for leading me to you both.  I love you! Xx

Cetti – Australia

Before I met you Rick and before that life changing retreat I took with you, I had such a dark perception of death and I was very afraid to even think about it. But thanks to You and your wise words I have learned to embrace death. And now I look at it as the most brightest chapter of life. So whenever it comes around I will be accepting it with open arms.

Death is not the end, its the celebration of new beginnings!

I am forever grateful to you,your beautiful family and everything you have taught me and done for me over the past couple of years.

Roudy – Canada

Thank you Rick and Lita for a wonderful and life changing experience.

 You both live the values and virtues you teach and have touched the hearts of many including mine.  I can’t thank you enough for all the nurturing, care, support and LOVE I felt during the retreat – my heartfelt thanks!

 My mind, body and soul feel nourished from the learning’s from the Journeying to Heart & Soul modalities, breath work, yoga (thank you Jess) and the nourishing organic food prepared with love by Lita and the beautiful staff at Namaste Retreat Centre!

 A wonderful experience – one I will cherish for life and have no doubt that we will be meeting again!

And about Kripa’s life-changing breathwork session:

Thank you for such a wonderful and personal experience.

I can’t thank your enough for your support during the breathwork sessions, it truly provided me a safe and loving environment to experience the AHAs – eye opening!

The best way for me to describe my experience would be:

Breath and LET GO

Kripa – Melbourne,  Australia

I left Bali with 2 prevalent emotions, one of pure love for my new family and one of emptiness!

The emptiness that each and every one of you filled, whilst I was with you!!

I was SO deeply touched by my experience and the love that was so evident!

When feeling down (mind you not too often) I go back to our sessions and our sharing of meals and fab cookies and it takes me back to the Oneness that I felt!

Life is progressing, but in an awakened state, a clear vibrant lease on life and the bouts of sadness for lost love are being replaced by bouts of gratitude for everyone that comes into my life!

The universe has played it’s hand and it’s raining men (I just didn’t expect it so soon) many date invites, but the biggest date has been with me!

I meditate and love the person I have always been and that has returned! I miss you all and I send you love and light, every time I light my candles it is to honour you, me, my family and humanity.

Beata – Australia

During the Heart Mastery Series Retreat, I became aware of quite a few beautiful things that I didn’t know about, love, life and where I see myself in it.

We’ve all heard knowledge is power but more importantly, it’s what you do with that power.

Richard is an example of someone using his powers for good!

This retreat re-introduced me to my authentic self, infallible spirit, and my connection to All.

I think I will call this experience… my bEARTHday!

Angela – USA

I attended the Heart Mastery Retreat at the Retreat Centre, Ubud, Bali, in June 2011.

I arrived on the doorstep insecure, feeling worthless and self defeated.  I was looking for answers to questions I didn’t even know how to ask!!

Rick, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for changing my life! Attending your retreat has been the best thing I have ever done for myself!

In your loving, gentle and wise way, you truly have helped me to re-connect with my heart and see life in the most wonderful new way!

I am amazed at my transformation! The life tools I have learnt from you are invaluable! I have never been so happy!

I totally recommend this retreat to anyone and everyone! From the five star accommodation, amazing service and food, to Rick…who is a source of endless knowledge, the most positive and caring person I have ever met! It was truly a privilege to have met such a wonderful person who is making such a difference to many peoples lives.

Thank you again Rick, I am forever grateful

Kylie Nolan – Australia.

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